Move-In Day FAQs

FAQ #1

How do I set up my WiFi and Cable?

Step 1

Find the closet in your Barracks Townhome with your internet hook up. There should already be a modem in the closet. You will need to purchase your own router.

Step 2

Watch this video to learn how to install a modem and router. 

Step 3

Once the modem and router are connected, email [email protected] with your:

  • Full Name
  • MAC Address (Found on the bottom of the modem)
  • Barracks Townhomes Address
  • Phone Number

This is our bulk account representative at Optimum. Be on the lookout for a phone call from Optimum to finish setting up your WiFi.

Step 4

Once Optimum confirms your wifi has been set up, you can set up your Cable. Watch this video to learn how to use your TV’s channel scan.

Step 5: To set up extended cable or DVR packages, you can email our bulk account representative at Optimum at [email protected]. You will be billed directly for these additional services.

Should you have any problems with the internet or cable please contact Optimum at (877) 409-1583. Tell them you are with The Barracks Townhomes bulk account and be prepared to give them your modem’s MAC Address.

FAQ #2

How do I adjust my thermostat?

FAQ #3

Where do I pick up my mail key?

All of your postage will be handled through USPS! Stop by the Post Office at 2121 E William J Bryan Pkwy in Bryan with your ID and lease (only one person per home needs to go). You’ll be given a set of keys as well as the location of your mailbox within our neighborhood.

FAQ #4

How do I get access to The Cove?

Now that you’re move-in official, you can take advantage of the special access membership Barracks residents receive for The Cove at BearX! Enjoy surfing, tanning, and floating in the massive lazy river with your roommates, or bring along two guests for free with your membership.

Head over to BearX with your ID in order to have your membership bracelet activated.

The Cove’s hours are Mon-Wed: CLOSED, Thu-Fri: 2-8pm, and Sat & Sun: 12-8pm

FAQ #5

How can I stay updated on what's going on in the community?

Glad you asked! Follow us on social media for community-wide announcements, important info on the 30+ resident events we host every year, and to participate in frequent giveaways.

FAQ #6

What is the gate code to the Community Pool?


FAQ #7

Where and when is trash picked up?

Trash pickup occurs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please refer to the map below for the additional dumpster locations we provide during move-in day.

FAQ #8

What is the mowing schedule?

Please keep your pets inside and make sure your yard is accessible until 2pm on the day it is being mowed.

General (3300-3414, 3416, 3418, 3420, 3422)

Deacon (203-315)
Travis Cole (3102, 3104, 3106)

Old Ironsides
Baby Bear
Deacon (400-516)

Travis Cole
Tang Cake
General (3415-3525)
Deacon (101-141)

Papa Bear
Momma Bear

FAQ #9

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Is the problem INSIDE or OUTSIDE of your Townhome? If it’s inside (air conditioning, heat, appliances) please contact our maintenance team. If it’s outside (trash, fences, yards) please contact the HOA.

FAQ #10

Do you offer renter's insurance?

The Barracks Management Group is pleased to announce a new amenity–The Resident Benefits Package. The Resident Benefits Package will be included in next year’s lease if you decide to renew, but given the demand for easy and accessible renter’s insurance, we are offering residents the opportunity to opt in now.

The benefits package includes:

  • Renters Insurance – You’ll be added to our master insurance policy. We’ve secured the industry-leading value policy from an A-rated carrier.
  • Credit Building – You can now build your credit by renting too! Boost your credit score each time you pay rent on time. We’ll retroactively report your on-time payments to the credit bureaus for up to 24 months.
  • Resident Rewards Program – Earn rewards points whenever you pay your rent on time! These points can be used to buy gift cards on the Piñata online marketplace. If you opt in, you will receive a welcome email from Piñata with a link to download their app to your smart device.
  • Identity Protection – $1M for all adult leaseholders, complete with a US-based Identity Restoration Specialist.

You can get all this for only $25.95/month, charged with your monthly rent! Email us at l[email protected] if you want to opt in to our Resident Benefits Package.

FAQ #11

Do you offer payment plans for rent?

We do! Here’s how to get set up:

1. Sign up for Flex.
Enter personal and property details, check eligibility for a Flex credit line, add a payment method, and choose your payment schedule.

2. You fund part of your rent to unlock your credit line.
Once your bill is posted in your rent portal, Flex can either automatically pull funds from your linked payment account or you can initiate the process manually.

3. Flex helps pay your rent in full to your property.
Depending on your property, Flex will either pay your rent for you or you will use a Flex funded payment method to pay in your rent portal.

4.You pay Flex back later in the month.
Flex will automatically process your payments based on the schedule you choose. You can also pay in the app when it’s convenient for you.

5. Enjoy flexible rent when you need it!
You’ll be able to split your rent as long as your account is in good standing. You also have the option to turn off rent autopay or cancel anytime.